Jen has been an amazing person to work with. She took the time to listen to my concerns around money and my unique circumstances and helped me create a custom plan to manage and get out of debt. She also helped guide and support me toward getting paid to do something I love! Her patience and passion for helping others combined with her wealth of knowledge as a financial coach and entrepreneur makes her an invaluable resource to have in your corner! – Kristen D

I worked with Dr. Summer Watson during a big growth spurt in my entrepreneurship.  I was deciding between redesigning my personal brand as an author, artist, and podcaster business shift and leaving behind my old brand-design that was outdated. She helped me focus on what I’d like to contribute to the world and navigate my creative work. Dr. Summer Watson is a great listener and was able to reflect back to me my originality, innovativeness, and my vision.  I can especially recommend working with Dr. Summer Watson if you are at a point of transition in your business, career, or life and want someone who is amazing at strategically brain-storming and action-oriented. – Sharon Lee Zapata, Author. Artist. Podcaster of Middle Finger Happiness [Houston,TX]

It was a complete pleasure working with Jen. Her knowledge, expertise, and warmth made it very enjoyable to discuss a pretty heavy and tough topic and I walked away with a plan which felt really good. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to get their finances in order! – Angeline S.

I am a novelist, poet and short story writer with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and no stranger to having a tough time fitting it all in. The past year has been rough for all of us and a few months ago something snapped. My motivation and creativity was at an all time low. I engaged the help of strategic empowerment coach, Dr. Summer Watson, PhD. of Kore Women to help me remember my why and embrace the passion for my path again. We talked a lot about my next move and the future. She gave me homework on the first day and I took it so seriously that I was on an airplane hashing the questions out in a notebook when I could have watched a movie or just coasted. Fast-forward four months later and some incredible coaching sessions with her that forced me to look at the root-cause and figure out what matters the most to me. I am doing great again and hitting it hard with my twenty-fourth story title on the way. Her help and wisdom helped clear out the baggage holding me back by encouraging  me to focus on my core values. If you have been struggling, with your goals or motivation, do yourself a huge favor and get in touch with her. She truly cares about what she’s doing and it shows. – Bibiana Krall

When I started the money coaching program, I guess I expected to learn about how to manage your money, how to budget your money, where to put your money for savings and things like that – all the practical things you would learn in financial coaching. But what I learned and got from that experience was so much more than that. It was the psychology of my money matters; it was the thought processes and the things that were holding me back regarding money. And it all stemmed from what I learned as a youth and what I continued to teach myself as an adult. So what this money coaching process has done for me is it has taken my mindset beyond leaps and bounds to where I ever thought it would be.  I wanted it to go there with what I thought about my money, but now I’m actually present in that state. And I can say that my money situation has changed and I am less emotional regarding my money. And I can also attest that this money coaching program has helped my mindset greatly.” — J. Nichols