Summer and Jen are success coaches, entrepreneurs, international lifestylE writers, and co-hosts of their weekly show, who practice from a holistic approach and focus on strategy, lifestyle and wellness to support the success of the emerging entrepreneur.

What is an Emerging Entrepreneur? It is someone that has the dream of starting a business, is at the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial journey, and is someone that has a passion and is ready to monetize their goods and services.

Many times, strategy is the focus of many business coaches, but we want to stress that it is not the only factor that impacts the success of the entrepreneur, although it is an important factor. The strategic focus of most entrepreneurs is: being familiar with the specific demographic you are serving, understanding the needs of the identified demographic you are serving, how you propose to solve a problem with a service or product you are offering, understanding the objectives that will help you reach your goals, identifying the method to achieve your mission, and how you will measure the impact of your method as it relates to your objectives, goals, and mission. 

Starting a business isn’t just about strategic planning and monetizing, but it also includes factors, such as personal and professional relationships, communication, money, time management, organizing, decluttering, and focus. Understanding how these key Lifestyle elements impact your everyday function as an entrepreneur will help support the foundation of your success.

Wellness is acutely important when considering your success as an entrepreneur. Building healthy habits, mindset, resiliency, courage, turning missteps into wisdom, being okay with not being okay, taking breaks, exercise, sleep, meditation, spirituality, and knowing how to embrace the entrepreneurial journey with all of its ups and downs will raise the level of your entrepreneur success. Sometimes it can feel that the entrepreneurial journey can turn you upside down, but being prepared to mentally and physically respond versus react to the changes will support your energy, focus, drive, and creativity as a business owner.

The Life, Love & Money Emerging Entrepreneur (LLMEE) Model was created to help the budding business owner turn their passion into a sustainable business. It is true that the strategic elements of business is critical to the entrepreneur’s success, but so are factors, such as: lifestyle, wellness, mindset, relationships, money and core values. Being an entrepreneur impacts one’s total functioning and is not based on only one factor. The LLMEE Model is holistic in its’ approach in order to set you up for SUCCESS!  

Like your business, which will grow and change over time, we will support you through your entrepreneurial journey and growth by using a holistic approach to include multiple factors related to strategy, lifestyle, and wellness. 

In the Life, Love and Money Collective Power Mastermind Groups, get the support, encouragement, and results that you need within our community. You want to be a part of this.